Shamanism (Digital Download)


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This course covers earth-based, traditional, non-linear world views especially related to healing, and maintaining balance on the planet.

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Learn the fundamental concepts of many world religions and explore the regions they are practiced in.
The subject of religion has as many beliefs, feelings, and perceptions around it as there are people on the planet. In a way, everyone has their own religion, even if they subscribe to a religion that many others do. This is because everyone has their own interpretations of the religion they subscribe to. If you were to ask followers of any given religion what their beliefs are, or what parts of the religion they agree or disagree with, they may each say something a little different from each other. Many people adopt the things they like in a particular religion, and ignore the things they don’t believe in, even if this is done on an unconscious level.
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A look at early and modern witchcraft, its history and practices. Included are a few spells and rituals.
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Channeling Skills
A discussion of channeling and what it really is, this course is for connecting with your deeper guidance.
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Native American Studies: Earth Spirit- The Sacred Nature of the Indigenous People of Turtle Island
This course covers the basics about traditional Native American cultures.
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