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University of Metaphysical Sciences is an accredited educational institution which helps aspiring metaphysical practitioners develop their skills and earn practical degrees and certifications.

You can get a great overview of all our course and degree programs on our main website.

Here at the University of Metaphysical Sciences Store, you can discover and purchase individual courses from our degree programs, giving you the opportunity to educate yourself on almost any metaphysical subject.

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The University of Metaphysical Sciences store offers courses in the format of digital downloads, allowing you to instantly and conveniently begin your learning journey.

Learn on anywhere on any device with course materials provided in PDF and MP4 formats. In this digital age, you can learn wherever the spirit moves you!

Lost your old files? No problem! Just log in to your University of Metaphysical Sciences Store account and re-download your purchased course files again, anytime you need them.

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Although our courses are in formats that allow you to learn anywhere, there is another option, study in the immersive environment of the Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center located in the majestic Ecuadorian Andes Mountains! Our ayahuasca retreat center and eco-community strives to be a sacred center of harmony, learning, and peace.


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