Doorway to Pleiades – By Michael Hammer / Yahoel



Doorway To Pleiades (Digital Download)
Music for Meditation
By Michael Hammer / Yahoel

Beautiful spacious music that takes you into deep meditative places. Includes transmissions by Archangel Zadkiel and Sanat Kumara.


  • Ascension: The Time is Now
  • Restoration of the Template of Humanity
  • Doorway to the Pleiades
  • Ancient of Days
  • Angel Harp

“Special thanks to Bob Fickes and Archangel Zadkiel for the transmissions in “Ascension:The Time Has Come”, dearly beloved Antiquala and Sanat Kumara for the inspiration and transmissions for “Ancient of Days” and Shilea and Zandriel for their transmissions on “Doorway to the Pleiades”. -Michael Hammer

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