Music Sampler – By Michael Hammer / Yahoel



Music Sampler (Digital Download)
Music for Meditation
By Michael Hammer / Yahoel

Includes a compilation of beautiful and inspirational music from 17 album titles by Michael Hammer / Yahoel.


  • Radiance
  • Inner Planes
  • Aligning with Your Higher Self
  • Going Home
  • Let it Go
  • Light Body Core
  • Precious Moment
  • Consciousness Enters the Universe
  • Opening the 13th Chakra
  • The New Dispensation Grid II
  • Kumara Web of New Consciousness
  • Dolphin Light
  • Restoration of the Template of Humanity
  • Becoming Light
  • Inner Beauty
  • Soul’s Light
  • Unity of Fire

“I wish to acknowledge the many masters and guides who have transmitted the vibrations of the many dimensions of light that are contained within (this music). Archangel Yahoel, known as the Choir Master, breathes his tones and sounds as vibrations of spiritual upliftment. Each musical piece contains a precise transmission of frequencies of a dimension that will inspire within us a remembrance and awakening of our true nature as beings of light.
The sounds reach into the deepest and darkest areas of our cellular structure and bring them into light. This music, angelic in origin, can help facilitate the highest meditative states, healing, and journeys into worlds even beyond light”. -Michael Hammer

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