Music for Ascension – By Michael Hammer / Yahoel




Music For Ascension (Digital Download)
Music for Meditation
By Michael Hammer / Yahoel

High Vibrational music for activating and accelerating the Ascension process. Frequencies of tone and sound to transport you into the realms of timelessness.

Disc 1 Tracks:

  • Receiving the Pattern of Our Divine Self
  • Gift of the Omni Kumara Light of the Father
  • Receiving the Kumara Energies
  • Opening the Hidden Vortices
  • The New Dispensation Grid

Disc 2 Tracks:

  • Balancing the Planetary Merkabah
  • Planet of Love
  • Within the Void

Disc 3 Tracks:

  • Spinning the DNA
  • Sacred Mountain
  • Lighting the Sacred Tree

Disc 4 Tracks:

  • Reclaiming the 12 Strands of the DNA
  • Activating the Eyes of the Heart

Music For Ascension is a transmission from the Archangels and Masters that assist in triggering the Ascension process. This music was composed live by Michael Hammer/ Yahoel as an expression of the energies of the activational meditations of Shilea and Zandriel and the Dream weaving of Antiquala. Together these four compose a creative alliance called the Octahedron that servers to anchor the energies of Above, (The Great Central Sun) and Below, (The Earth), for the purpose of bringing Heaven to Earth.

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