Holistic Wellness Practitioner Certificate




Understanding the connection between mind, body, and spirit is foundational to true and lasting spiritual and personal growth. Holistic Wellness is an approach to health which encompasses all levels of being and supports the cultivation of a lifestyle that holds space for the development of each facet, as well as an awareness of the underlying wholeness of being.

Many people today are more focused on physical health than ever before. Many people are also focused on spiritual awakening. Finally, many people on this planet at this time prize intellectual development very highly and are mainly focused on this aspect of themselves and how it can help them “get ahead.” Awareness of our holistic nature helps us realize that the cultivation and integration of all these aspects of being is the path to true and lasting wellness, as well as the basis for human evolution.

The role of a Holistic Wellness Practitioner is to assist people in cultivating and integrating wellness in all of these aspects of themselves, in order to assist them in creating a balanced approach to life. This program is designed to assist you in developing the skills necessary to support others in addressing all these aspects of being, providing guidance in understand the bigger picture and creating a deeply rooted holistic lifestyle.

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