Vibrational Healing Practitioner Certificate




We are vibrational beings. From the smallest discernible matter in our bodies, we understand that we are in constant motion. We are also processors of light energy. We know this through science as well. Vibrational healers use this knowledge to support healing at the most fundamental level of being. Through color, light, sound, aroma, crystals, nature, water, breathwork, food, herbs, homeopathy, flower and mineral essence, affirmations, prayer, and more, vibrational healers use vibration to bring release, balance, harmony, and healing to their clients.

Imagine what it is like to go to the beach. How you immediately feel more grounded, more at peace, centered, and connected. The vibrational energies of the vast ocean waters, the waves rhythmically rolling onto shore, the air, the sand, the sun if it is shining, all hold unique vibratory signatures that are deeply healing and energizing to the human body.

This certificate program takes you on a journey, exploring the vibrational nature of your body, mind, and spirit. Vibrational healing is a fascinating are of study, and is incredibly rewarding to practice. So many tools are available to bring into healing sessions to promote the healing process, and all these tools, and the vibrational healing work itself, is healing to the practitioner as well. A feather, a crystal, burning sage, a flower, a drum, a glass of water, or just your own voice all become powerful tools for healing. We are vibration, and celebrating this through doing vibrational healing for others is an incredibly rewarding path!

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