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Meditation is the key to deepening our relationship with life. Whatever form it takes, whether walking, sitting, guided, yogic, Zen, power, group, or just doing dishes mindfulness style, becoming conscious of our ability to slow down the mind and come into awakened presence is a critical part of human evolution.

In most modern cultures the mind and intellectual development is highly prized and a strong focus. Meditation brings us deeper than the intellect, into whole body intelligence, cosmic awareness, heart awakening, and into the mystery of being. Meditation is the most powerful process available for bringing balance, peace, joy, and fullness of experience into our lives.

The role of a meditation teacher is to show the way on this journey of cultivating awakened presence. There are many paths to choose from on this journey, some very ancient, some very structured, and others totally unique. What we find when we cultivate awakened presence is that it then begins to guide us, and so following your own unfolding as you deepen your practice will bring you to your chosen way of teaching meditation to others. This certificate program will take you on a journey within, to explore your own depths and heights, your own microcosm and macrocosm self. As you cultivate your own practice, let awakened presence guide you into finding your way as a meditation teacher, and then share it with the world; we most definitely need it!

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